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Flexo Plant Manager

Oversee the daily operations and long-term strategic plan(s) of the manufacturing departments
focusing on maximizing productivity and efficiency to increase overall Company profitability to
obtain new business in targeted focused markets. This targeted new business must fall within the
scope of current manufacturing capabilities and must return acceptable profitability.
duties may be assigned.
 This position requires the ability to develop and execute manufacturing and capital
investment plans, the ability to collect and research data, and to use this information to
maximize the production of Company equipment and production departments.
 Position works closely with other Management Team members and Department VP’s and
Directors for corporate planning and initiatives
 Work closely with Accounting & Finance group on capital investment plans
 Work with suppliers or vendors
 Attend and participate in training sessions.
 Work closely with Director of Human Resources on employee issues in the production
 Work with Human Resources on development and review of production related policies
and procedures.
 Data collection and reporting on Operations group metrics.
 Must comply with all Company SOP’s and regulations:
o SOP’s may cover the areas of (but are not limited to)
 Employee Health and Safety
 SQF (Safe Quality Food packager) and GMP (good manufacturing
procedures) focused on eliminating contaminates in all packaging
 SGP (Sustainable Green Printer) environmental regulatory procedures
and SOP’s

Supervisory Functions:
 Position oversees the following departments and Department Managers, assisting them
(as needed) with production plans, staffing, data collection and efficiency improvements.
o Press/Ink/Mounting
o Finishing – Slitting, Lamination, Material Handling, Extrusion Lamination

o Maintenance & Engineering
o Shrink sleeves and Reclose Operations
 Performance evaluation responsibilities for Department Managers and Directors in the
Operations group.
Food Defense Functions:
 Must comply with all general Company-wide standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and any
job or department specific SOP’s.
o SOP’s may cover the areas of (but are not limited to)
o Employee Health and Safety
o AIB and GMP (good manufacturing procedures) focused on eliminating
contaminates in all packaging manufactured.
o SGP (Sustainable Green Printer) environmental regulatory procedures and
 SQF Responsibilities:
o Primary:
 Ensure product contact surfaces clean and in suitable condition
 Ensure storage of equipment used for packaging meets SQF standard
o Secondary:
 Manage the condition of floors, drains, & waste traps are in accordance
with the SQF standard
 Ensure condition of walls, partitions, doors, and ceilings clean and in
suitable condition
 Verify condition lighting and light fittings comply with SQF level II
 Ensure building openings are screened, sealed, or closed (Dust, Fly, &
Vermin proofed)
 Ensure building areas susceptible to odor or moisture are properly
 Manage premise & equipment maintenance planning, implementation, &
monitoring for effectiveness
 Manage equipment and utensils storage program
 Ensure the facilities amenities are in suitable condition
 Ensure locker area is clean and in suitable condition
 Ensure sanitary facilities are clean and in suitable condition
 Ensure lunch rooms are clean and in suitable condition
 Ensure water supplied meets SQF level II requirements
 Maintain potable water delivered is not contaminated
 Ensure storage of hazardous chemicals & toxic substances meets SQF
standard requirements
 Document the responsibilities for collection, handling. storage and
collection/disposal of dry & liquid waste

 BS/BA degree or equivalent experience plus 10 years Business Development experience
in the Flexible Packaging industry.
 Must have working knowledge of internal manufacturing capabilities including printing,
laminating and slitting processes.
 Excellent communication and presentation skills and demonstrates attention to detail.
 Background and experience in flexo manufacturing disciplines (Press, Ink, Pre-press,
Finishing, etc.)
 Ability to analyze, and interpret technical journals, technical data sheets, and market
 Reasoning abilities to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid
 Proficient computer skills, with particular knowledge in using Microsoft computer
software, Crystal reports, Globe-tek, and any equipment software programs.
Physical Demands:
 Should be able to lift a minimum of 40 lbs.
 Able to travel on commercial airlines.
 Ability to sit for extended periods for meetings or general office work.
 Ability to move throughout a manufacturing environment for a majority of a day
Work Environment:
 Main work environment is office.
 Position requires ability to work on the production floor for periods of time to evaluate
production issues, plant tours, observe equipment installation and repairs.
o Must be able to wear all required personal protective equipment when on
production floor.

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