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Komori Press Operator


A full-service commercial print company is looking for experienced Komori Press operators to join its team.

The head pressman’s role is to operate a heat set printing press and produce a quality product, and administer crew leadership.

List and rank in order of importance each job responsibility and duty:
1. Must follow safety policies and procedures.
2. The head pressman’s primary function is to run the press and produce the highest quality work possible in a timely manner, while controlling make ready and running waste .
3. The head pressman is responsible for quality of the printed product he /she produces ( ink densities color match to proofs, registration and squareness of folds and laps and overall print quality inspect signatures for marking that may come from fold ,sheeter and or stacker or belting)
4. must save all required samples on each press run and tag as specified ( 1 per thousand press pulls and trimmed copies , in house, sales and customer samples )
5. Ability to read and understand job tickets and written instruction to insure proper stocks and inks are used and the job is ran to proper cutoffs to finish and any special instruction are listed in job ticket.
6. Must focus on development of crew leadership and training of new or advanced crew members the head pressman is responsible for all production and quality turned on his / her shift with a given crew this makes it important to train and develop all crew member.
7. Must understand and follow all SOP’S.
8. Knowledge of piece weight scales to deliver accurate counts at the finish of each press run.
9. All paper wok must be filled out correct and accurate PSI and daily shift report must reflect matching times and numbers ,skid tags in detail for form number ,version ID and proper counts, larger runs must have a manual skid sheet filled out to record amount of skids produced and count on each skid to prevent over run of product .
10. The head pressman will perform preventive maintenance on press equipment with the help of delegating tasks to crew members at hand; the head pressman will fill out maintenance request form and turn them in to department manager.
11. General cleaning of press area and press must be performed on each shift.
12. Press log book (information of maintenance performed , rollers and blankets that have been changed and PM’S that may have been preformed on that shift )

Minimum qualifications required:
Some computer skills, ability to read and understand written instructions, must be quality and production driven with ability to lead crew members.

Experience: Ability to perform off bearer and second pressman’s duties and general concept of press operation.
Education/Training: High school diploma or GED.

Technical Skills: Vocational background in printing is helpful but not required.

General: The head pressman must understand daily operation, know and understand quality and continue to work to improve quality and production methods, making goals to lower waste numbers, work to build good leadership for crew enhancements and look at options to advance within there department . Some computer skills, ability to read and understand written instructions, must be quality and production driven with ability to lead crew members.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $20.00 - $29.00 per hour


401(k) matching
Dental insurance
Flexible schedule
Health insurance
Life insurance
Paid time off
Tuition reimbursement
Vision insurance

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