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Flexo Press Operators


A large flexible packaging company located is seeking experienced Flexo Press Operators to join its team on both shifts!

Duties & Responsibilities

As a Press Operator, you will be responsible for the set-up and high-quality running on a Flexo press at an optimum speed without supervision. To succeed in this role, you should be able to troubleshoot machines for any malfunctions or irregularities, perform regular quality checks and fix machine parts as needed to ensure they operate successfully. This position may require significant work hours beyond the normal workday based on the demands of the business cycle, customer volume of business. It has a moderate to high demand for tight deadlines and will experience moderate interruptions in workflow, often starting and stopping for product changeovers.

Ability to tone colors of solvent ink.
Assemble and adjust doctor blade chambers.
Adjust press to maximize run speed.
Load and unload print sleeves from press, storage rack and rolls of material from press.
Check ink viscosity.
Ability to clean ink pumps.
Must be able to oversee and train press assistant, and direct assistant in completing responsibilities.
Responsible to Maintain a high level of cleanliness to keep machine operable.
Ability to maintain housekeeping for the press and workstation.
Responsible for condition of machine and work area.
Always committed to working safely.

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